Our founder

Charlotte Kasandra

Our founder

Charlotte Kasandra

“Life lived forward, but is understood backwards.” This is a saying that fits incredibly well with my approach to life. It has been my curiosity and my creativity that has led me to where I am today, as founder of SARDkopenhagen.

It wasn’t in the cards. Because I’ve always felt a little different. Felt like I didn’t fit in – that I couldn’t find “my shelf”. That changed when, as a very young person, I got a job in a perfumery. Here, a whole new world opened up to me of beauty and scents, and I felt, for the first time, that I had landed in the right place. I was drawn and inspired by scents, textures and effects, and I couldn’t get enough at all. I knew I had to train as a beautician so I could learn a lot more.

It was a long journey that took me into every corner – even life on the roads during my many years as a sales consultant. I’ve had my fingers, and my nose, in pretty much all the skin care products that are and have been on the market, and that has given me the tremendous knowledge, and sometimes very critical sense, about ingredients.

I love being a nerd

I love the geekiness around skin care and I’ve always been interested in what a product contains of ingredients. Actually, I’ve been preoccupied with that all the time. It was further strengthened during my time at L’Oreal, where I had pharmacies and dermatologists in charge, and in that connection should always be ready to answer critical questions for effect, function and ingredients. I take biochemical action as I delve into how ingredients and ingredients affect our skin and our body.

Before SARDkopenhagen, and especially when I was pregnant with my son, Marcus, I couldn’t find a single sustainable skincare brand on the market that contained good, natural ingredients without harmful substances. It simply didn’t exist. Even then, I decided that I had to create them myself.

I have created SARDkopenhagen from my many years of knowledge and experience about ingredients and skin. Several of our products are AllergyCertified, sustainable, free of harmful chemistry, hormone and environmental pollutants, and they contain a minimum of ingredients. The products are developed with clean, natural and active ingredients that your body, skin and organism already produce and recognize yourself.

“Min erfaring og filosofi er, at jo færre indholdsstoffer et produkt indeholder, jo mere aktivt virker det, og jo mindre har huden at skulle forholde sig til. Dét skaber ro og balance – både i huden og i vores energisystem.” Charlotte Kassandra, Founder”

The feminine energy

The starting gun for SARDkopenhagen

My acquaintance with the Maria Magdalene oil in 2011 was the starting gun for SARDkopenhagen. Maria Magdalena represents the feminine energy, and 2000 years ago she trained as the therapist of her time – what we know today as a healer. She worked with various forms of healing, including healing with herbs and oils as well as sound healing. The Mary Magdalene oil is developed from the original recipe found in Israel in ancient scrolls. I have since further developed the product to better suit the present – and with a scent that is not as heavy as was liked at the time. Heavy scent or not, the product spoke to me and opened up a strong creativity in me.

I therefore visited the Danish factory that produced the oil and I was allowed to take over the development and production. I worked intuitively with the oil and from here the creative consciousness energy embraced me. I gave the product a more aesthetic expression and scent and launched MARIA MAGDALENE OIL & BALM, which became the first product under SARDkopenhagen.

The essential oils

The key to healthy skin

With the development of MARIA MAGDALENE OIL & BALM, it began with oils to reveal itself to me, and I delved into what components oils consist of. Oils are naturally the most clean and genuine to apply to one’s skin. Oils contain a myriad of natural ingredients that are completely identical to those that our body already knows and consists of. Sardkopenhagen’s universe is created around oils – because oils are the true wonders of nature.

The important thing is to know your oil. Not all skin types can use the same oil. An example is that argan oil has a high content of vitamin E. It repairs, firmes and sebum regulates, and is effective against pigment changes and skin damage. Apricot oil has a high content of both vitamin A and E. The oil is therefore particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin, as it increases sebum production. Almond oil is high in the amino acid, arginine, which adds, binds and retains moisture and reduces the sensation of tightness in the skin. Coconut oil adds moisture and is anti-bacterial. Not to mention the essential oils, which also have my great passion in terms of effect and effect on and in the skin.

With SARDkopenhagen we want to guide you so that you can choose the right oil to suit your skin type and skin condition.