Our founder

Charlotte Kasandra

Our founder

Charlotte Kasandra

”You live life forwards, but understand it backwards”. This saying perfectly reflects my approach to life. Extensive curiosity and creativity has led me to where I am today – founder of SARDkopenhagen.


It wasn’t written in the stars. I always felt different as if I didn’t fit in. I had trouble finding my rightful place. Luckily, this all changed when I was young and got my very first job – in a perfumery store. A completely new world opened up to me of beauty and fragrance and for the very first time I felt that I had landed in the right place. I was compelled by fragrances and textures and very curious as to the effects it had. I couldn’t get enough. I know I had to become a trained cosmetologist to become much more knowledgeable in this field.

I started an extensive journey thoroughly leading me into all corner of this field – even onto the road in my many years as a sales consultant. I have had my fingers – and my nose – into almost all skincare products in the market for the past 35 years. This has given me extensive knowledge and led to critical discernment when it comes to ingredients.

I am a geek and I love it

I love diving into the geek of skin care, and it has always been a great interest of mine to know what exact ingredients a product contains. I explore the effect of ingredients to the skin and how the whole organism is affected as a whole because the skin is the largest organ in the body. These interests only grew stronger during my employment at L’Oreal where I was responsible for contact with Pharmacies and Dermatologists. It was my job to always be able to answer critical questions about effect, function, and ingredients. My approach is biochemical and I thoroughly investigate how ingredients and substances affect our skin and body.

Prior to starting SARDkopengaven, and especially when I was pregnant with my son, Marcus, I couldn’t find a singe sustainable skincare product on the market containing only beneficial, natural ingredients, and absolutely free of any harmful substances. It simply didn’t exist. Already at that time I decided that I would have to create it myself.

So, I have created SARDkopenhagen from my extensive experience and knowledge about ingredients and skin care. All our products are sustainable, contains absolutely no harmful chemicals, hormone- or endocrine disruptive substances, and they contain only a minimum of ingredients to have them interact more powerfully with your body. All products are created with pure, natural, and active ingredients already produced by and recognizable to your body. Several of your products are AllergyCertified.

“”It is my experience and philosophy that less ingredients in a product makes it more effective, because your skin has to relate to less input. This creates peace and balance – in your skin and in our entire energy system”, Charlotte Kasandra, Founder” ”

The feminine energy

The Starting Shot for SARDkopenhagen

My discovery of the Mary Magdalena Oil in 2011 became the starting shot for SARDkopenhagen. Mary Magdalena represents the feminine energy, and 2000 years ago she was trained to become a  therapist – what we know today as a healer. She practiced different kinds of healing techniques, among them was healing with herbs and sound healing. Our Mary Magdalena Oil has been developed from the original recipe which was found in ancient Israelian scrolls. Since then I have further developed the product to match better where we are today – and with an updated fragrance that is not as heavy as people preferred back then. However, the product clearly resonated with me and opened a very strong create portal within me. I decided to visit the Danish factory producing the oil and I was allowed to take over developing both product and production.

I worked intuitively with the oil and from then on I was embraced by the energy of creative consciousness. I brought a more aesthetic image and fragrance to the product and launched the very first product from SARDkopenhagen – the MARIA MAGDALENE OIL & BALM.

The Indispensable Oils

– The Key to Healthy Skin

Developing the MARY MAGDALENE OIL & BALM a world of oils started to reveal itself to me, and I started diving into the different components of oils. Oils are the most natural clean and pure you can apply to your skin, because they contain a waste number of natural ingredients that are identical to those naturally known to and already contained in the body. The SARDkopenhagen universe has been created around oils – because oils are nature’s true wonders.

Know your oils! Not all skin types should use the same oils. For instance, Argan Oil has a high concentration of Vitamin E. It repairs, tightens, balances sebum production, and is also great for reducing pigment changes and skin damaged.

Apricot Oil has a high concentration of both Vitamin A and E. The oil is particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin because it increases sebum production.

Almond Oil has a high concentration of the Amino Acid, Arginine, which ads, binds, and preserves skin moisture reducing the feeling of tightness in the skin.

Coconut Oil adds moisture and has anti bacterial properties. Not to mention my great passion for the effect of etheric oils to the skin.

SARDkopenhagen whishes to guide you to choose the oil that will fit your skin type and the current condition of your skin.