For the stomach, buttocks and thighs
For those who want to process and reduce cellulite and saggy skin on your stomach, buttocks and thighs.
CUP NO. 3 is used to stimulate blood circulation, drain water retention and increase the excretion of waste materials by an in-depth connective tissue massage. After a short time, you will see that your skin is much more firmed and uniform.

Diameter: about 3.5 cm

Over time, the ball can become hard, so it’s time to replace it.

The glass can be carefully separated from the rubber ball and cleaned with warm water and soap. Be aware that the neck of the glass must be completely dry before it is attached to the ball again. The rubber ball is made of phthalate-free rubber. Simply wipe the ball off, externally with a damp cloth, with a little detergent on. Avoid water In the ball itself, as it will cause the ball to “shrop” at the risk of glass cup sliding out, you use.


  • Treatment with this cup is carried out daily – a good idea is to do it after the bath. You may also be able to use one of our Face/body scrubs and give your body a peel before you begin the massage.
  • Saturate the skin well with CELLULITE OIL THERAPY.
  • Press the ball flat and place the cup on the skin. You pull the cup in upward movements towards the heart. Run in the same lane 3-6 times until the skin is slightly reddish and you feel the heat spreading in the skin area.
  • The treatment is performed daily for up to 4 weeks.


Bruises may appear after treatment, they will wear off within a few days. This indicates that there is a great deal of accumulation of waste materials in the tissue. You can benefit from reducing the suction in the cup, to reduce the risk of bruising, but also to reduce the pain you can experience when cupping.


Peppermint oil can be added to have a warming and relaxing effect.


Drink plenty of water.

Cleaning the cup

Carefully separate glass from ball. The glass cup is machine washable – but the “ball” must be washed by hand or just wiped after use. Make sure that the cup here completely dares before putting it back into the rubber ball.

It is important that no water collects inside the ball in connection with. cleaning. This will reduce the suction power and the glass may slip out.


There are several different tissues in the body – in fact, as many as four different tissues. The connective tissue is one of them and its task is blah. to hold on to muscles, tendons and organs and at the same time act as a kind of “storage” for the waste products that the body cannot excrete naturally.

All waste products are usually purified via the blood, through bla. kidneys and liver and thus excreted as waste. Many of these waste substances cannot be excreted naturally and therefore accumulate in the connective tissue, among other things. It can cause various discomforts and strains in the body. This means, for example, that the skin becomes flabby, uneven, fluid accumulates and can definitely feel sore. It can cause muscular and skeletal problems. Therefore, connective tissue massage / cupping is a very effective method to get, or maintain a healthier connective tissue.

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