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Are you also in doubt about what type of skin you have – and not least which skin care products actually suit your skin?

We can definitely help you!
Our experienced and professional cosmetologists take care of you and your skin and guide you in the right direction so that you can experience a beautiful and healthy skin in the future.

We are also there for you after the analysis, and offer online or telephone consultation afterwards if you need it.





Many people experience challenges in finding the right skin care products that suit their particular skin and therefore have an experience that skin care is a jungle to find your way around. We can help you with this professionally, through our online skin analysis consultation.

The skin type we are born with, but the skin condition can vary throughout life, depending on what life has to offer. Many experience e.g. having had unclean skin in the teen-age years and it may have put a dread in one’s life, for the use of future products – especially if one had bad experiences already then.

Others are experiencing major changes in connection with. with pregnancy, stress, illness or just regular aging. The skin changes throughout life, and as a result also the skin’s need for care.

We work from the philosophy that the skin is a living organ and that the energy must be able to circulate in the body. It is rare that we only recommend treatment of the skin from the outside, as many skin problems (and skin conditions) depend on how e.g. our intestinal system works and how our hormone production is balanced. In other words, how good our energy flow is in the body.

It goes without saying that the more synthetic and stressful substances we expose ourselves and our organism to, the more it will be reflected in our skin.

Therefore, our skin analysis goes a step deeper and takes into account several factors and we are quite confident that we can make a difference for you and your skin, with our recommendations.


You can because our beautician has developed questions for you that are completely identical to the questions you would be asked during a physical consultation. Questions held up against the photos you need to submit of your skin allows the beautician to easily make a true analysis.

When your skin analysis is ready, we arrange an online meeting where the beautician reviews the skin analysis with you and here you have the opportunity to ask further questions. At the same time, we offer that you are free to contact us for the following two months for further follow-up, questions about the use of products, etc.


Important: Remember to state both telephone number and e-mail address.

Fill in the questionnaire: You will receive a link to a questionnaire in your mailbox when you have ordered an analysis. Answer it as extensively as you can – it takes approx. 5 min.

2. Take 4 photos of your face with your mobile: It is important that the pictures are taken approx. 10 cm. from your face and is well lit (daylight) and sharp – we need to be able to zoom in. We need pictures of your top and bottom face as well as two pictures from the side, one from each side. It is perfectly fine if the images of the upper and lower face are overlapping.
TIPS : Use the main camera on the back of your phone, it is significantly better than the camera on the screen.
The pictures will be best if your face is cleansed and free of make-up.

3. The analysis: Once our beautician has received your feedback, she will start the actual analysis based on your answers and study of your skin, from submitted photos.

4. You will be contacted by e-mail when the analysis is ready: Then you and the cosmotolo arrange a meeting at facetime / zoom where you receive a very detailed skin analysis, with guidelines for future care of your skin. During the conversation, for example, you have the opportunity for in-depth questions.


Please send the pictures to us via SMS or email. We only use the images to analyze your skin and nothing other – and your photos will be deleted as soon as you want.

SMS: 29 93 77 64
Please remember to state your name so we can “identify” you.




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