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Cleansing and moisturizing scrub with EPSOM SALT and almond oil

FACE / BODY SCRUB FOR FACE: Effectively peels the skin of the face / neck – and you will find that your skin feels wonderfully clean and full of glow. We recommend this scrub for all skin types and ages. Young skin that has incipient impurities can benefit greatly from peeling the face several times a week. The skin is thoroughly cleansed without drying out.
FACE / BODY SCRUB FOR BODY: effectively peels the skin on the body, where you will find that the skin becomes soft, well nourished and full of glow. The blood circulation increases and you feel a wonderful warmth and activity in the skin. The product can be used by anyone.

Cleansing / peeling: EPSOM SALT.
Sweet almond oil – moisturizes and nourishes.
Eucalyptus and rose / melon oil.


Peeling of face

  • Moisturize the skin of the face and take a small amount of scrub – equivalent to a 1-crown – spread the product on the skin, on the face and neck.
  • “Sprinkle” possibly. the larger grains of salt of the skin and scrub with the small fine grains that remain if you think it is too coarse-grained.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water.
  • If you experience slightly swollen eye area, you can massage a little scrub on the skin under the eyes, let it soak for a few minutes. When it begins to tingle in the skin, the accumulated fluid begins to pull away from the area.
  • Dark circles and bags will disappear immediately after.

Peeling of body

  • Moisturize the skin on the body and take a small amount of scrub – equivalent to a 2-crown – and distribute the product on the skin, on the area you want to scrub. After scrubbing the whole body, we recommend that you just let the product work a little in the skin.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water.
  • The skin feels moisturized by almond oil and you do not need to use oil or cream afterwards.
  • If you have a little hard skin on your feet, it will be a good idea to scrub your feet as well.


Epsom salt is a salt that cleanses, strengthens and reduces swelling. Therefore, it is a gentle way to cleanse the skin. The product can tingle a little in the skin, it just means that it “works”.

Almond oil is a moisturizing oil that moisturizes all layers of the skin, leaving the skin super soft and well nourished. The wonderful aromatherapeutic scents from eucalyptus, bergamot and rose / melon provide a wonderful sensory experience.
Essential eucalyptus oil stimulates blood circulation and helps in cleansing the skin. Melon and rose stimulate the senses.

Hand Peeling


EPSOM SALT – also known as magnesium sulphate – has been used as far back as the beginning of the 18th century when the salt mineral was discovered which bubbled up from the underground sources which contained this particular salt. It is also called “bitter-salt” and one quickly experiences that the salt is quite different in effect than traditional salts.

EPSOM SALT has been used for generations for special baths, for people with various circulatory and digestive disorders. This type of salt works by transporting the minerals around via the circulation and thus having a cleansing and stimulating effect on the organs.

The list of ingredients is thus understood: The ingredient listed at the top makes up the largest amount of the contents of the product. Nr. 2 ingredient on the list constitutes the next highest amount etc. This applies to all list of ingredients.

MAGNESIUM SULFATE: Magnesium sulfate, mineral salt
PRUNUSAMYGDALUS DULCIS OIL: Almond oil, moisturizer
EUCALYPTUS GLOBUKUS LEAF OIL: Essential eucalyptus oil
PERFUME: Fragrance

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