ESSENTIAL PEPPERMINT OIL essential peppermint oile – 10ml. SARDkopenhagen


ESSENTIAL PEPPERMINT OIL is extracted from mint. The oil has a refreshing, warming and relaxing effect.

ESSENTIAL PEPPERMINT OIL increases blood circulation in the skin and stimulates the senses.

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Peppermint oil – effect: Warming, relaxing, itching soothing at e.g. insect bite.


ESSENTIAL PEPPERMINT OIL must always be mixed with a base oil. Here, a base oil is chosen that suits your skin type.

Mix 1 drop in your daily skin care or a permanent mixture 10-15 drops in 100 ml of base oil.


  • Warming and relaxing effect in connection with massage
  • Reduces colds by holding your face over a steam bath with peppermint oil.
  • Causes itching by e.g. insect bite – remember to mix it with base oil. Eg. SWEET ALMOND OIL
  • Warms and increases blood circulation in the tissue by cellulite treatment with suction cups.
  • For example, mix a few drops in your hair shampoo – has a stimulating effect on the scalp


Essential oils make the skin light sensitive, so remember sunscreen before staying in the sun.

The list of ingredients is thus understood: The ingredient listed at the top makes up the largest amount of the contents of the product. Nr. 2 ingredient on the list constitutes the next highest amount etc. This applies to all list of ingredients.


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