ESSENTIAL NO.7 face · face cream – 50ml. SARDkopenhagen


Anti-age cream for all skin types – also for men
This cream is for you who want an active and effective, nourishing cream. ESSENTIAL NO. 7 is for young as well as mature skin. You have the option of changing the effect of the cream yourself by adding a few drops of base oil if your skin needs more or less nourishment for periods. So you decide for yourself whether your cream should be light or rich. The cream reduces both fine and deeper lines, as well as pigment spots and gives a finer skin structure. The cream reduces redness and irritation in the skin and is therefore a good cream for a skin that is plagued by ROSACEA.

Hyaluronic acid – boosts the skin’s moisture content. Coconut oil – adds binding and retains moisture in all skin layers.
Argan oil and hyaluronic acid.
Vitamin C, E and Q10 – antioxidant for strengthening the skin’s natural cell division.
Lactic acid – balances the skin’s pH value.


  • Take a small amount of cream – corresponding to the tip of your little finger, distribute the cream between your palms and pat / dab the cream into the skin of the face and neck, immediately after using ESSENTIAL NO.3 or oil.
  • If you experience your skin at times needing more moisture, tightening or nourishment, you can mix a few drops of base oil in the cream – in the palms – and massage the mixture into the skin. You may want a little extra nourishment for the skin at night. Or more nourishment in the cold winter months.
  • The cream is a good makeup base and if you want to use it alone, it gives a nice matte surface.
  • In the summer months we can recommend that you mix the cream with a little ARGAN OIL NO. 1 w. gold shimmer. It provides easy protection against UV radiation. However, it can not replace a sunscreen.


Hyaluronic acid, along with collagen, is essential for maintaining the firmness and structure of the skin. Collagen provides firmness to the skin and hyaluronic acid moisturizes and nourishes collagen. Hyaluronic acid helps to repair the skin’s tissue, which makes it very suitable for skin with acne, scars or other imperfections.

When the skin is exposed to a lot of UV radiation, the production of hyaluron in the cells decreases, in this way the rate of cell breakdown increases. ESSENTIAL NO. 3 is therefore an ideal product for you who love to cultivate the sun in the summer.

Lactic acid is added to the product to normalize the pH of the skin. It strengthens the skin cells and provides optimal oxygen for both new and existing skin cells.

Vitamin E, which is derived from argan oil, is a rich source of antioxidants – antioxidants make sure to prolong and strengthen the life of skin cells, therefore antioxidants are important ingredients in skin care products.

Coconut oil is a very moisturizing ingredient and your skin will really fill up well with vital essential fatty acids when this ingredient is included in the cream.


Argan oil originates from Morocco, which is more or less the only country in the world where the argan tree can grow. The argan fruit is a nice clear green fruit, which contains a small nut and inside the nut there are 2-3 small seeds, well protected. It is these small kernels that are cold pressed and turn into the golden drops we know. In Morocco, argan oil is used on an equal footing with the olive oil of southern Europe. That is, everything from cooking to skin and hair care.

Coconut oil is also known to be used for many purposes in both the food and cosmetics industry. What many are not aware of is that certain parts of coconut oil are also used in cancer treatment, where parts of the oil e.g. used in various forms of airway treatment. It is interesting as ingredients can be used both in cosmetics and in the pharmaceutical industry!

The list of ingredients is thus understood: The ingredient listed at the top makes up the largest amount of the contents of the product. Nr. 2 ingredient on the list constitutes the next highest amount etc. This applies to all list of ingredients.

AQUA: Water
ARGANIA SPINOSA KERNEL OIL: Argan oil, vitamin E, cell renewal effect
BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII OIL: Shea oil, strengthens the formation of sebum
GLYCERIN: Moisturizer
BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII BUTTER: Shea butter, softens and nourishes
COCOS NUCIFERA OIL: Coconut oil, moisturizer
XYLITYLGLUCOSIDE: Natural sugar, binds moisture in the skin
STEARIC ACID: Derived from Cocoa butter, increases sebum production
ANHYDROXYLITOL: Plant-based sugar, moisture binder, preservative
XYLITOL: Natural sugar, binds moisture in the skin
GLYCOSE: Sugar, binder
SODIUM HYALURONATE: Hyaluronic acid, smoothing, “filler” effect
FUCUS VESICULOSUS EXTRACT: Algae extract, strengthens the elasticity of the skin
TOCOPHEROL: Vitamin E, antioxidant, natural preservative
ASCORBYL PALMITATE: Oil-soluble vitamin C, antioxidant
LACTIC ACID: Lactic acid, normalizes the skin’s pH value and strengthens the formation of collagen
GLYCINE SOJA OIL: Derived from soybeans, nourishes the skin
CETEARYL GLUCOSIDE: Natural thickener
XANTHAN GUM: Natural thickener
PERFUME: fragrance
SODIUM BENZOATE: Natural preservative
POTASSIUM SORBATE: Binder, preservative
HEXYL CINNAMAL: Extract from chamomile, preservation
HYDROXYCITRONELLAL: Ingredient of fragrance ingredient to be declared separately
LIMONS: Component of the fragrance ingredient to be declared separately
LINALOOL: Component of the fragrance ingredient to be declared separately

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