Cupping is one of the most effective methods to cleans the connective tissue, drain accumulated waste products and fluid retention, as well as improve blood circulation in the skin. Formation of new skin cells, tightening of the skin and marking of the jaw line is achieved already after a few days of treatment. Your skin will get more glow and will be visible more tightened and fresh to look at.

SUGEKOP NO. 1: For face and neck. Diameter of the suction area: 1.5 cm

PURE ARGAN OIL: Firming, sebum-regulating and moisturizing
This revitalizing oil is for you who want a firming effect. The high content of vitamin E makes PURE ARGAN OIL an effective antioxidant for skin cells. The oil strengthens the elasticity and collagen in the skin, just as it reduces sebum production and makes rough skin, less rough. PURE ARGAN OIL is also known to reduce hyperpigmentation, which many experience becomes more pronounced with age.


Saturate the cleansed skin with PURE ARGAN OIL and follow the massage technique as shown in the illustration above.



Face Cupping


  • Cleanse your skin with MICELLAR CLEANSING OIL or APRICOT KERNEL OIL followed by FACIAL MIST or ROSE WATER ELIXIR (depending on skin type)
  • Massage a few drops of ARGAN OIL into the skin.
  • Neck: Tag CUP NO. 1 – press the ball together and place the cup on the skin. Start just above the collarbone and pull the cup up the jawbone. Release so that the vacuum in the cup disappears and start all over again at the collarbone until the whole neck is massaged.
  • Chin: Do the same but feel free to pull the cup along the jaw line, from the middle and out, to both sides.
  • Face: Pull the cup in the same way (see illustration). Feel free to massage extra at the labial fold (the fold from the nasal wing down past the corners of the mouth).
  • Around the eyes: Pull the cup from the innermost corner of the eye, out under the eyes and up under the eyebrows.
  • Under the eyes: Pull the cup in curved lines from the nose wing – follow towards / under the arch of the cheekbone.
  • Forehead: Depending on the lines, the cup is drawn either horizontally or vertically.
  • End with wiping the skin over with a FACE MIST and then dab HYALURON BOOST SERUM and ESSENTIELLE NO. 7 face cream on if the skin needs it.
  • In case of ruptured vessels on the cheeks: Avoid massaging with the cup directly on top of vascular ruptors.


Cleaning: Wipe the ball after use with a damp cloth with a little soap.

It is important that no water collects inside the ball in connection with cleaning. This will reduce the suction power and the glass may slip out. Be aware that over time, the ball may become hard, so it’s time to replace it.

The list of ingredients is thus understood: The ingredient listed at the top makes up the largest amount of the contents of the product. Nr. 2 ingredient on the list constitutes the next highest amount etc. This applies to all list of ingredients.


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