ARGAN OIL w. fragrance · argan oil w. rose scent – 100ml. SARDkopenhagen


ARGAN OIL W. FRAGRANCE is also known as the beauty oil – and this is for good reason, because most skin types benefit from the unique effect of the oil. ARGAN OIL W. FRAGRANCE is a 100% organic, pure argan oil with added a fresh fruit and floral scent of melon, peach and rose. A little bomb of summer!

Argan oil has the highest content of natural vitamin E and is therefore a unique antioxidant for skin cells. It strengthens the skin in several levels and increases the natural cell division, as well as supple any scars and unevenness in the skin.

ARGAN OIL W. FRAGRANCE is recommended for mature skin, but also for an unclean skin, as it acts sebum regulating.

Argan oil.
Vitamin E – antioxidant.


  • For greasy/unclean: here you only use ARGAN OIL w. with added ESSENTIAL LEMON OIL. You add 10-15 drops of ESSENTIAL LEMON OIL to 100 ml. oil. Take a small pump of oil as you warm up between your palms – and massage the oil into the skin on the face and neck, on moist skin.
  • For combined skin, rosacea and ripe skin: here you take a pump ARGAN OIL w. fragrance and mixes with ESSENTIAL NO. 7 cream in the palms of the hands, warms it up and dabs/pats the oil into the skin on the face and neck. Provides a fine frosting assault of the skin.
  • Anti-age: massage the oil into the skin after using HYALURON BOOST SERUM.
  • To the neck: if you experience a certain laxity of the skin on the neck and chest – possibly pigment damage, ARGAN OIL w. on the fine skin where it will work and strengthen elasticity.
  • Pre/after sun: Massage in the skin area well, daily, about 14 days before you need to be exposed to sun.
  • New and old scars/ abrasions: massage the oil well into the skin area several times daily so that much skin can absorb.

A little history of argan oil

The fact that Moroccan women’s conditions have improved over the years is largely due to the production of argan oil. The argan trees grow exclusively in Morocco. The production of argan oil is fair trade and has thus helped to ensure these women, social and physical better conditions. This has made them better off in terms of jobs, but also educationally. Many women in the countryside, were until a few years ago illiterate.

The list of ingredients is thus understood: The ingredient listed at the top makes up the largest amount of the contents of the product. Nr. 2 ingredient on the list constitutes the next highest amount etc. This applies to all list of ingredients.


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