Produceret i Danmark

Beauty by heart

Made in Denmark with only the Purest Ingredients

Nordic skincare system

SARDkopenhagen is manufactured in Denmark. We are incredibly proud of our Danish heritage ranging from product development to production facilities, and we never compromise our Nordic heritage.

Our products consist of only the purest, natural ingredients and raw materials. We buy locally from around the world to ensure that our ingredients are grown only in their natural habitat. We make high demands from our suppliers and we carefully select whom we buy from. For instance our Argan Oil is from Morocco, because this is the only place in the world where Argan trees are grown due to very special soil conditions.

Our Epsom salt is from Great Britain where nature creates this amazing, mineral salt on the cliff sides of the South West of England. It’s looks incredibly beautiful.

Our Bergamot Oil is derived from Bergamot Orange, a little yellow-green citrus fruit growing in Southern Italy and on Sicily.

Our Almond Oil is from Spain, and because oil is a natural product the color can vary from one harvest to the next. This goes for all natural oils – and we see this as the beauty of working with only natural ingredients. Our products are created from the heart, based on solid knowledge, passion and geekiness with everything from effect to ingredients to substances, and fragrance.

Meet our founder

Charlotte Kasandra

I have created SARDkopenhagen based on my long, extensive experience and deep knowledge about skincare ingredients, and the biochemical dynamics of skin and body. All products are developed using ingredients already produced naturally by your skin, body and organism.