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SARDkopenhagen was created from a deepfelt desire to develop the very best and purest products for you. From our hearts we wish to help you achieve healthy and vibrant skin. Many find it difficult to navigate the many different skin care products and variants, and many struggle with skin imbalances. Often, the root cause of skin problems is choosing the wrong skin care products, simply because you are mistaken about your true skin type.

At SARDkopenhagen we create products with a minimum of different ingredients, and we only use ingredients that are recognizable to your skin and organism. It has a harmonizing and calming effect on the skin when it is allowed to only have to process ingredients that are already naturally produced in the body.

Gentle, active, and natural skin care

All products are free from phenoxyethanol, silicone, acrylates, aluminum compound, and synthetic ingredients. SARDkopenhagen products are vegan, 100% natural, sustainable all the way through, and we carry a range of Allergy Certified Products. All our products are multi functional because because the skin is quite similar from one part of our body to the next. The need for care can vary from face to body dependent on the condition of the skin. Therefore, our products can be used by both children, pregnant women, and  men, and are also recommended for oily skin, sensitive skin, rosacea, and mature skin. SARDkopenhagen is for everyone who doesn’t  compromise with their skin regimen, and care deeply about the environment as we do. All the way through our production line, our selection of ingredients and degradable packaging we choose only that which is sustainable to our planet.

We value transparency

Have you ever felt more misled than guided when reading about the content of a skin care product? At SARDkopenhagen we want to change that. You should be able to trust a product – that’s our philosophy. We want to make it is easy for you to fully understand all ingredients in a SARDkopenhagen product. Therefore, a full list of ingredients is available with all products. We don’t compromise on transparency either. That’s why the list of ingredients is also displayed here in the web shop. For each product we’ll explain every single ingredient and it’s healing properties to help you understand what it does and how it affects your skin and organism.

Danish Beauty Awards

We are so proud to have won the Danish Beauty Award’s category ”Product of the Year” with our FACIAL MIST. We have also been nominated several times with the following products: ARGAN OIL w. GOLD SHIMMER, ESSENTIELLE NO. 9, HYALURON BOOST, HAIR & BODY SHAMPOO men, MAMI ME trimester packages, ESSENTIELLE NO. 7, and Charlotte Kasandra, founder of SARDkopenhagen has been personally nominated as ”Årets Ildsjæl” (Passionate Entrepreneur of the Year)


With love for You and our Planet
Charlotte Kasandra