Our products

At SARDkopenhagen, one of our highest priorities is that you as a consumer should be able to read or be informed which ingredients are to be found in our products.

In accordance with the law, we state a complete list of ingredients on the product itself, or its outer packaging. Just like under each product here on the website you will find the ingredient list – even with a description of the ingredient’s effect in the product.

All our products contain only ingredients from nature’s pharmacy.

Our philosophy is NEVER to use CMR harmful substances (substances that are endocrine disruptors, harmful to our DNA / reproductive ability or carcinogenic).

We ALWAYS recommend customers with sensitive or reactive skin to test the product on a small area of skin before applying the product on a larger area of face or body.

Even the mildest product is never a guarantee that you can tolerate it. Like eco-labels and eco-labels of any kind, neither is a guarantee of the product’s effectiveness and efficiency.