Meditation on chakra

with Mary Magdalene Oil.

Meditation with
Maria Magdalene Oil

Meditation on chakra

MARIA MAGDALENE OIL is based on Ayuvedic tradition - the best healing and dissolves imbalances in your soul and body, and enlightens you with spiritual clarity.

Use it on the chakras e.g. in connection with meditation or other spiritual exercises

Sit comfortably on a chair, cushion, floor or where you find it comfortable to sit. Make sure you sit relatively undisturbed and have peace of mind to enjoy your meditation. Take a small drop on the fingertips and massage counterclockwise (seen from the outside) on the chakras, massaging until the oil is absorbed by the skin.

Set yourself free and set yourself up for meditation

Take a deep breath, hold your breath for a few seconds, and exhale deeply while “letting go” of thoughts, nightmares, stress, speculation, etc. completely. Repeat this seven times – and feel free to drop a “new theme” each time. Sit still for a moment and feel the body: are there tensions, pain, sorrow, resistance, anger, etc. in a particular body area?

It’s that easy

Now close your eyes and start the meditation, breathing in via the root chakra, while you – for yourself say the following mantra – and repeat it several times on the same chakra:

Inhalation (via root chakra): I am – exhalation (through the heart) safe .
Inhalation (via sacral chakra): I am – exhalation (through the heart) vitality .
Inhalation (via solar plexus): I am – exhalation (through the heart) peace .
Inhalation (via heart chakra): I am – exhalation (through the heart) love .
Inhalation (via neck chakra): I am – exhalation (through the heart) true .
Inhalation (via third eye): I am – exhalation (through the heart) fri .
Inhalation (via crown chakra): I am – exhalation (through the heart) light .


“You can settle for only the heart chakra and start the "I AM" meditation (and you can do it everywhere).”