Cupping / connective tissue massage

If you have problems with flaccid, uneven, fluid accumulation or tender connective tissue, then cupping is the most effective form of massage to cleanse this. The treatment tightens and cleanses, and stimulates blood circulation. Cupping increases elasticity, reduces fluid retention and bumps in the connective tissue.

There are several different tissues in the body – the connective tissue is one of them. Its task is, among other things. to hold on to muscles, tendons and organs and at the same time act as a kind of “storage” for the waste products that the body cannot excrete naturally.

All waste products are usually cleaned out via the blood, through bla. kidneys and liver and thus excreted as waste. Many of these waste substances cannot be excreted naturally and accumulate i.a. in the connective tissue. It can cause various discomforts and strains in the body. This means, for example, that the skin becomes flabby, uneven, fluid accumulates and can definitely feel sore. It can cause muscular and skeletal problems. Therefore, connective tissue massage / cupping is a very effective method to get, or maintain a healthier connective tissue.


Use Cup N0. 1 and PURE ARGAN OIL for your facial massage

Cleanse your skin with MICELLAR CLEANSING OIL or APRICOT KERNEL OIL, followed by FACIAL MIST or ROSE WATER ELIXIR . Massage a few drops of PURE ARGAN OIL into the skin – enough for the cup to absorb and still be pulled relatively lightly over the skin.
Press the ball together, place it on the skin, release to create a vacuum and pull it approx. 3 times in each in the same line, after which approx. 1 cm. to the side.

  • Start by placing the ball just below the collarbone where it attaches to the collarbone and pulling the cup out towards the shoulder joint – in this way you stimulate your lymphatic system.
  • Throat: start at the collarbone. Pull the ball up towards the chin and release. Continue all the way over the neck.
  • Chin: also pull the cup along the jaw line, from the center and out.
  • Face: see illustration – feel free to massage extra at the labial fold (fold the nasal wing down past the corners of the mouth).
  • Eye environment: pull the cup from the innermost corner of the eye, out from under the eyes and up under the eyebrows.
  • Forehead: depending on lines, the cup is drawn either horizontally or vertically.

Finish by wiping the skin with a FACE MIST and then dab HYALURON BOOST SERUM and ESSENTIELLE NO. 7 face cream on.
In case of vessel ruptures: Avoid massaging with the cup directly on top of vascular tensions.

Face cupping


Carefully separate glass from ball. The glass cup can be machine washed – but the “ball” just needs to be wiped with a damp cloth with a little soap, on the outside. Water must not enter the ball itself. Make sure the cup is completely dry before putting it in the rubber ball again.


We have created a very effective body oil for the treatment of strained connective tissue. Our CELLULITE OIL THERAPY consists of: 100% pure, organic argan oil as base oil. Argan oil stimulates elastin and collagen production and provides a more uniform skin surface.
Black pepper and green coffee oil increase the metabolism in the connective tissue. It is in the connective tissue that waste products accumulate and thereby form cellulite.
Algae extract and rosemary oil increase the excretion of waste products.
With CELLULITE OIL THERAPY and suction cups, you perform a deep massage / connective tissue massage so that accumulations of waste substances are released and excreted naturally via sweat, blood and urine.


Use Cup N0. 2, 3 or 4 and CELLULITE OIL THERAPY

Saturate the skin well with CELLULITE OIL THERAPY on the areas you want to “cup” / massage. Enough for the cup to soak but still be pulled over the skin without pulling unnecessarily on the skin.

Treatment is performed daily and it is a good idea to do it after the bath. You can possibly use our FACE / BODY SCRUB and give your skin a nice peeling before you start the massage.

Press the ball flat and place the glass cup on the skin. Release the pressure in the ball to create a vacuum between the glass cup and the skin. Hold the suction and pull the cup 3-6 times in the same path until the skin is slightly reddish and you feel the heat spread in the skin area. Pull the cup as far up as you can and start over – from the bottom. ALWAYS touch the heart and make sure the whole area is massaged.

The treatment is performed daily for up to 4 weeks. Once there is a visible improvement, it is easier to maintain without having to do it daily.
See evt. the video


Bruises may appear after treatment, but don’t worry – they will go away within a few days. This is a sign that there is a lot of accumulation of waste substances in the connective tissue. You can advantageously reduce the suction in the cup, to reduce the risk of bruising, but also to reduce the pain you may experience during the massage if the connective tissue is heavily loaded with waste products.