Essential Oils

Essential Oils - The Gift of the Earth

Essential oils come from the core of plants, herbs, fruits and bark from trees. One can say that it is the gift of nature. The oil is extracted via an extraction process, where the pure, concentrated oil is squeezed out of the plant, the fruit etc.
These oils contain very potent compounds – which are used by nature to / protect the plant against pests and other environmental conditions that could damage the growth. It is blah. also these compounds that ensure pollination of the plant. This means in principle that these potent oils are nature’s own medicine cabinet.

In the ancient medical science and pharmacology, essential oils have been used for hundreds of years, and many of these substances are of great importance to the science we possess today in relation to the fight against bacteria, microbes and more.

Because essential oils are as potent as they are, they need to be handled with care. When used wisely, they have amazing properties both in skin care and aromatherapy.
NOTE: use never pure essential oil directly on the skin. We recommend 5-10 drops of essential oil for 100 ml. base oil.


Effect and strengthening of the skin's needs in relation to your skin type

“Essential oils are very potent – use them wisely – they have amazing properties both in your skin care and aromatherapy.”