sard copenhagen oil

Cleansing and firming

You can take advantage of ESSENTIAL NO. 7 face cream as a cream base for an effective cleansing mask, by mixing the cream with ESSENTIAL LEMON OIL.

ESSENTIAL LEMON OIL is one of the most effective antibacterial oils and therefore your skin will love this mask if you have impurities, pimples and rough pores.


  • Take what corresponds to approx. 2 teaspoons cream and pour it into a small cup.
  • Add 1-2 drops of ESSENTIAL LEMON OIL and stir well so that the oil and cream are completely mixed.
  • Apply the mask on the skin, on the face and neck and let it work in the skin for 10-15 min.
  • After a few minutes you will feel a warmth / tingling sensation in the skin. This is because the skin begins to work and absorbs the bactericidal properties of the oil.
  • Rinse and finish by spraying FACIAL MIST on the skin. Feel free to dab the mist in with your fingertips, to increase blood circulation and thus better absorption of the active substances.
  • Finally, massage ESSENTIELLE NO.3 hyaluron boost serum + ARGAN OIL with ESSENTIAL LEMON OIL into the skin.

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