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“Alle SARDkopenhagens produkter er så milde og sikre at anvende, at du kan bruge dem både før, under og efter din graviditet.”

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Why is it important to use products with as few ingredients as possible?

Most women are preoccupied with how to best take care of themselves, their skin and their unborn baby from the start of pregnancy.

You are usually unsure whether you are getting the right vitamins, minerals, diet and whether there are skin care products that are good or harmful for the unborn child.

All research today shows that the cause of reduced fertility is due to the substances the parents carry in them. The mother passes everything on to her unborn child. In particular, recent years’ research on endocrine disruptors in foods and cosmetics / skin care is the major culprit.

The skin is the body’s largest organ, and everything we lubricate ourselves with is absorbed and stored in the body.

You can prevent many things by being aware of which skin care products you use both before and during pregnancy.

Should I choose organic skin care?

“Mange vælger at købe økologiske hudplejeprodukter – de fleste er bare ikke klar over at, det er de allerfærreste produkter, der er 100% rent økologiske. Eksempelvis indeholder cremer over 80% vand – der findes ikke økologisk vand!”

Why choose oils?

So if you want to be on the safe side, you should choose skin care products with as few ingredients in them as possible.

Oils are a really good offer for healthy, sensible and effective skin care both before, during and after pregnancy – and then it makes good sense to use the same clean products for the little one, after the birth.

Our oils are 100% pure – that is, they are not mixed with other oils.


  • SWEET ALMOND OIL (sweet almond oil)
  • APRICOT KERNEL OIL (apricot kernel oil)
  • ARGAN OIL (argan oil)

They each have their own characteristics


  • odorless
  • rich in natural vitamins A, B, D and E, as well as minerals magnesium and calcium
  • adds and binds moisture in skin and mucous membranes
  • recommended for strengthening the mucous membranes in the 3rd trimester


  • odorless
  • rich in natural vitamins A and E, as well as omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids
  • increases sebum production – suitable for dry, itchy skin on face and body
  • recommended for hormonally dry skin from the 2nd trimester


  • odorless
  • rich in natural vitamin E, active antioxidant
  • strengthens the elasticity of the skin, prevents stretch marks and repairs skin damage.
  • recommended for the prevention of stretch marks from the 1st trimester

What do we mean by MamiMe?

MamiMe was created on the basis that we in the range had products that were really relevant for mother AND child – but to make it even easier, we have put it together in a way that makes it logical and clear to know when to have need what, during pregnancy (all three trimesters) – and then continue with the same products for the baby and the needs that arise in the future.


  • Stretch Mark Prevention
  • Care, prevention of hormonally dry / itchy skin
  • Strengthening the mucous membranes up towards birth so that mucous membranes are more supple
  • Reduce restlessness and fluid retention in body and legs.
  • Strengthen the thin fine skin towards, and during breastfeeding.
  • Tightening of the skin after childbirth
  • Healing of scars, after e.g. cesarean section


What can you do before giving birth

1 trimester - week 1-12:

During this period, hormone production changes / increases, you gain weight and your breasts become larger. This weight gain and change in hormone production means that the skin requires more strength to withstand the stretch it is exposed to over the next 9 months.

Vitamin E is known to be one of the most essential vitamins the skin especially needs, to strengthen the elasticity of the skin’s connective tissue.

By massaging the skin on the abdomen, breasts, buttocks and thighs with PURE ARGAN OIL daily, to prevent stretch marks. The oil is 100% natural and consists only of pure vitamin E. The oil is AllergyCertified and therefore also fragrance-free.

2nd trimester - week 12-24:

Now many women experience that the skin on both face and body changes. If you have had a tendency to oily / impure skin before pregnancy, you will find that the skin is now fine, beautiful and more uniform.

Other women will find that the skin becomes significantly drier, perhaps even with a tendency to dry, itchy and almost eczema-like skin. The reason for that is due to a changed hormone production.
We recommend that you now use APRICOT KERNEL OIL for both the face and the areas of the body where the skin is particularly dry.

On the face, you can choose to mix a few drops with your face cream / sunscreen, or as a serum under face cream.

APRICOT KERNEL OIL increases sebum production (the skin’s own fat), is very rich in both vitamins A and E, as well as omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids, which strengthen the skin’s cells. The oil is 100% pure and natural. The oil is AllergyCertified and therefore also fragrance-free.

Continue massaging stomach, buttocks, thighs and breasts with PURE ARGAN OIL daily in the 2nd trimester as well.

3rd trimester - week 24-42:

During this period, your body will start to be more bothered and the weight will increase further. There may be a tendency to form a lot of fluid in the body and legs. It causes both swelling and “restlessness” – many experience leg cramps at night, which can interfere with sleep.
Here we recommend a daily foot bath with EPSOM BATH SALT which cleanses, drains and soothes. You will experience great relief in the body by just taking a short foot bath, daily.

EPSOM BATH SALT contains a bit of dried lavender and mint, which gives an aromatherapeutic, relaxing effect.

Prepare the middle meat for the birth
It is also in the 3rd trimester that you can start preparing the abdomen and not least the crotch for the birth. SWEET ALMOND OIL, we recommend that you massage the middle flesh daily. The combination of the massage and the oil makes the mucous membranes more supple and reduces the risk of any damage in the form of tears and cracks during the birth itself. SWEET ALMOND OIL adds lots of good moisture to the delicate mucous membranes.

Other hormonal disorders in the abdomen: Many winners experience a kind of cutting pain in the vagina in the last trimester, this is because the mucous membranes are getting ready (hormonally) for the birth itself. There are also many women who experience imbalances and cystitis during this period – SWEET ALMOND OIL strengthens the mucous membranes and thus helps to prevent the worst genes.

Prepare for breastfeeding: In the 3rd trimester that you can start strengthening your nipples for the upcoming breastfeeding. Massage the nipples daily with PURE ARGAN OIL which is pure vitamin E. It will strengthen the fine skin on the nipples against becoming worn, cracked and terribly painful when you start breastfeeding.

Continue massaging your abdomen, buttocks, thighs and breasts with PURE ARGAN OIL daily for the 3rd trimester as well.



We recommend that you continue massaging your nipples after each breastfeeding as long as you breastfeed. It will keep the skin strong and resistant during the breastfeeding period. The oil should not be washed off, so you can lie down with the baby, even if you have the oil on your skin.

We recommend that you have SOFT LIP BALM in your bag. It is super easy to apply directly to the nipples after breastfeeding and is filled with good nourishing essential fatty acids from almond and coconut oil, as well as natural vitamin E, which heals and strengthens the fine, delicate skin.

has been through something reminiscent of a marathon and it can take weeks to months before it all feels normal again. A great help for the delicate abdomen can be both:
PURE ARGAN OIL – if you have been cracked, clipped or cracked – the oil helps for faster healing and tightening.
SWEET ALMOND OIL keeps mucous membranes moist and supple and helps to reduce any vaginal discomfort, both on a daily basis and when you have sex.

stomach, buttocks, thighs and chest still need PURE ARGAN OIL which is the most firming oil. The oil strengthens the elasticity of the skin and helps to give you the firmness back in a hurry.

If you want to make a little extra out of it, a good massage with suction cup No. 3 or 4 and CELLULITE OIL THERAPY, make it much more effective because the massage works in the depth of the skin, oxygenates the cells and secretes any. accumulated waste products from the connective tissue.

will often be more dehydrated throughout the breastfeeding period and here we would recommend that you use SWEET ALMOND OIL for the moisture-dry skin – both face and body. For the fat-dry – that is: tendency to dry spots, we recommend APRICOT KERNEL OIL – both face and body. Can be mixed with cream.


Baby’s skin often becomes very dry shortly after birth – when the fetal fat is no longer there to keep the skin nourished. APRICOT KERNEL OIL contains a high content of several natural fatty acids that are reminiscent of the skin’s own (and is 100% pure and natural), therefore it is a really good oil to massage baby’s fine, delicate skin into. The fatty acids increase the skin’s own, natural production of sebum (fat) and are rich in vitamins A-, C- E- and F.

APRICOT KERNEL OIL will also be the oil you can give your baby a nice soothing and relaxing baby massage with. It does not grease unnecessarily and you will not feel your baby “slipping between your hands”.

For childhood eczema, we recommend APRICOT KERNEL OIL for the whole body, because it does not grease or sting the skin, as many oily creams do.

Here we recommend that you use PURE ARGAN OIL after each diaper change and as soon as there are signs of irritation at the bottom. You can remedy a lot by washing baby’s butt with clean water, added a few drops of SWEET ALMOND OIL. Completely avoid all types of soap or products containing wheat. Always pour a few drops of SWEET ALMOND OIL into the bath water, so the skin does not need anything else.

Many children experience having scars on the scalp, it is easy to get rid of by massaging SWEET ALMOND OIL on the scalp. Let it soak in well, then bathe the baby / make the scalp wet – then it will be relatively easy to comb the scalp out of the scalp, without pain and discomfort.

When wind and cold start to bite in the cheeks, we always recommend applying SOFT BALM on the cheeks and around the mouth to avoid cold cheeks and sucking eczema. This also applies to older children.

then we recommend that you pour a little EPSOM BATH SALT into the bathtub – it calms the baby’s delicate nervous system and makes it calm down.