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Minimalistic and natural skin care

“SARDkopenhagen was created from a deepfelt desire to develop the very best and purest products for you. From our hearts we wish to help you achieve healthy and vibrant skin. With few, efficient, and natural products in your daily skin care, you can make a real difference.”

“SARDkopenhagen is manufactured in Denmark, and we use only the purest, natural ingredients – grown in their natural habitat. This brings an extra high vibration to our products.”

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““It is my experience and philosophy that less ingredients in a product makes for more effective results. Also, the skin needs to process less with fewer ingredients. This creates peace and balance – both to the skin and to our energy system” says Charlotte Kasandra, Founder of SARDkopenhagen.”

Natural Facelift

with the original Mary Magdalene Oil

MARIA MAGDALENE OIL can be used for great advantage as a daily skin care product. This applies to both cleansing, serum and oil in connection with cupping, face yoga or guasha. And the oil is a must as an oil for face and neck, both day and night.

The three main oils that form the rootstock of MARIA MAGDALENE OIL are Spikenard (Nardustachys Jatamansi), Myrrh and Frankincense.
They were very precious in ancient times and have been used as perfume, as traditional medicine and in religious ceremonies.

The indispensable oils

Nature’s true miracle workers

Pure oils are the most natural, clean, and authentic you can put onto your skin. Pure oils contain a number of natural ingredients identical to those already naturally found in our body. SARDkopenhagen is created around pure oils – because oils are nature’s true miracle workers.


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